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About Us

Our Mission

“To Become The Largest And Most Relevant Source
Of Academic Information Australia-Wide”

Why Academics International?

Academics International has in excess of 30,000. It is the only comprehensive listing of academics in Australia. Aside from academics, we have databases in areas related to academia. This includes academic associations, academic libraries, academic journals, and conference centres.

Given the rapid rate of change in information presentation over recent years the launching of an online version of this popular directory became an inevitable step. This website is the culmination of all our efforts.
In today's age, it is paramount that academics maintain a public profile. Through their work, universities, the community and the academics themselves benefit.

Our online portal, databases and hardcopy publications provide a means of bridging the gap between academics, and those wanting their considerable and varied skills and expertise.

Regular subscribers to our databases emanate not only from academia. They are also from government departments, the media, large multi-national corporations, non-profit organisations, overseas missions, museums, art galleries, private educational institutions, libraries and small businesses.

This databases provide the opportunity for academics to maintain contact with colleagues both within Australia and overseas.